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PGA Tour 2k21 Review

PGA Tour 2k21 is one of the most satisfying golf games to this date. Unlike other popular golf games such as golf with friends, which is more of an arcade and cartoonish golf game, PGA Tour 2k21 aims at providing a soothing and realistic experience when it comes to golfing. The game simulates a real life golf course producing beautiful scenery including a cheering crowd in the background, and in some rivers or lakes in some courses.

Even though I enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the game, I would have liked to see more character facial expressions when it comes to hitting a shot whether its a good stroke or a bad stroke. The character’s facial expressions are very static which makes it look very dull. This makes it look weird to me especially since the camera moves into a close up mode towards the character and shows the player’s dull expression when the player strikes the ball.

As someone who does not have much experience in golfing, playing on a medium difficulty felt pleasing enough every time I hit a stroke even though some guides were present to help adjust certain strokes. It is worth mentioning that if you are someone who is a good at golfing, you can turn off these guides and assistants to provide a more challenging and pleasing leisure time of gameplay. However, that does not mean that the controls are not challenging if you have set to game difficulty to medium. You are still expected to know the tempo of your down swing when hitting the golf ball, and even some adjustments to you aim have to be made depending on the positioning of the ball. The controls and mechanics are very easy to learn and have been more refined and consistent than the previous title: The Golf Club 2019.

What intrigued me while playing the career mode is the fact that your stats are updated and compared to that of professional licensed golfers as you progress through the game. Although it seemed to be an interesting concept at first, it turned out to be a bummer for me. I thought that if you can beat the rivals (the professional golfers your stats are compared to) then you can maybe unlock them as characters and play with them. Unfortunately, it turns out they just exist there for display.

Throughout my countless hours of gameplay on career mode, PGA Tour 2k21 provided me with a fun and pleasant experience that taught me many techniques in golfing. Gameplay wise I was really impressed, however, I felt like the game could use some improvements in different places. As a player who likes to be more involved in multiplayer activities and play with friends or real life players, the Societies feature was the place for me.

Societies gives you the ability to create groups with your friends and allows you to participate in events prepared by 2k. This provides more interaction between players who are looking to have a fun time together. Another feature the game provides is the course designer which can be a deal breaker for creative users. Some skillful designers have created courses based on real life locations, and others have used their creative ways to come up with challenging courses that can be very fun and tricky. Its nice to see these features stay from the previous golf title developed by 2k.

All in all, PGA Tour 2k21 feels like a major step forward from the previous golf series, and it would be delightful to see them continuously updating their game and continue adding features to the society aspect of the game in order to keep the community active and let them enjoy the game on a long term basis.

GameRev was provided with a digital download code for the purpose of this review.

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