F1 2021 – Review

If you want to look for the first ever racing game, you’d have to travel back some 48 years to Atari’s space race. For those past 48 years gaming has brought racing fans an experience ever so closer to the real thing, and now in 2021, we might just have the closest one yet.

F1 2020 Review

https://youtu.be/lfbq4qkoenY In F1 2020, Codemasters benifits from it's yearly release model by building on the strengths of previous entries in the series and providing new additions in this year’s iteration of the game such as My Team, split-screen and more. Graphically, F1 2020 manages to impress with its photo-realistic visuals and weather effects which is no easy... Continue Reading →

MotoGP 19 Review

https://youtu.be/kxgUeI83uRc Another year means another racing game and this time it is MotoGP 19. is a vast improvement on many of the issues that last year’s entry suffered from after the transition to unreal engine 4. One of the bigger upgrades this year is the new machine learning artificial intelligence called ANNA which is meant to help... Continue Reading →

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