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NBA 2K21 Drops Realistic Teaser Trailer Showcasing the PlayStation 5’s Capabilities

During the PlayStation 5’s Future of Gaming event, 2K surprised viewers with a teaser trailer of NBA 2K21 running in-engine on the PlayStation™ 5. The trailer features NBA star Zion Williamson from the New Orleans Pelicans and Greg Thomas, co-founder of Visual Concepts. The next-gen console’s ability to load games at a very high speed is on display as well as incredibly realistic and detailed visuals. Zion’s handles and dunking ability are showcased using the power, speed and technology of the PlayStation 5.

“From graphics as in-your-face as Zion’s dunk to almost unrecognizable loading speeds of less than two seconds, NBA 2K21 for next gen is poised to shatter all previous notions of what this franchise can deliver,” said Thomas. Zion also voiced his excitement for the new game and amazement at the accuracy of both his looks and basketball skills. “I’m hyped by how realistic the next gen gameplay is and how accurately it captures my looks and playing style,” stated Zion Williamson.

NBA 2K21 aims to be next-gen’s most ambitious release, featuring lightning-fast load speeds, visual fidelity on an unmatched level and a plethora of content for players to enjoy. The game will include new features, game modes, brand partnerships and the largest soundtrack ever in any video game. NBA 2K21 aims to raise the standard for sports games and will be releasing sometime in Fall 2020.

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