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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Review

When it comes to portraying a real life war, the call of duty modern warfare series is one of the biggest first person shooters that can provide such experience. Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, a sequel to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, continues the story line rotating around the conflicts between the Russian Federation and U.S Marine forces. Modern Warfare 3’s most intriguing quality is perhaps the multiplayer aspect of the game. With its newly designed strike packages along with a refined combat system engine, the game offers a more enhanced and fun play style.

Being able to set the difficulty of the campaign mode, one can choose either a challenging or fun way to play it. The campaign is not too lengthy; it can take up to 7 ~ 9 hours. In fact, it provides the player with unique missions that amplifies a player’s interest in continuing the missions. Before you know it, the next thing you’re hooked to the story and you’re curious to see how it unfolds.

Upon entering multiplayer, one might be confused by the chaotic gun fights and kill streaks that take place during the match, however; after several games, it becomes easy to grasp whats occurring as a player become more familiar with the maps and the strike package kill streak system.

As you level up in multiplayer, you gain access to locked items such as guns, kill steaks, equipment, weapon attachments, etc… The satisfaction from each fun game as well as the reward of earning some new weapon, equipment, or kill streak motivates the user to keep grinding the game. Even though the user maxed out his level and locked items, there is always more to do! Each weapon has a max level of 31. Each level unlocks a certain attachment or camo for the user to use; so if a player likes or favors a certain gun, he or she are able to customize it in the way they like after unlocking the perks they need. Moreover, the game grants the option to prestige. By using the prestige option, one resets all his locked items and repeats from the beginning without changing his stats, but it will mark him with a new icon showing that he has prestiged. With this, the user can enjoy the process once again. The player can prestige up to 20 times.

Modern Warfare 3 consists of 16 maps and 13 other maps found in the DLCs that have been released. Modern Warfare’s marvelous range of game modes are what makes it special, for it supplies with the player distinct ways to play the game. For example, if a player feels like playing fun custom made game modes done by the developers, they can freely do so for XP. If they want to relax and enjoy a couple of games of team death match or domination, where each player can respawn an infinite amount of times and continue to battle with others, they can. Ofcourse, there is a competitive game mode in which a team of 6 either defends or attacks a bomb site against another team. In this game mode, respawning is not allowed until the round is over.

All in all, the game displays a unique experience when it comes to playing such a first person shooter. It offers more joy if you team up with friends and play the multiplayer feature, because it is always fun to level up and compete with your friends to see who excels and attains a higher score.

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