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Overwatch Review

Overwatch is a team-based shooter that captures one’s attention with its fast pace activities that take place throughout the heated games. This first person shooter is one of the most popular 6 vs 6 online multiplayer game that is currently available on the market.

The game itself focuses on using heroes that possess unique personalities of different background stories. Originally, the game launched with 21 heroes, but the developers keep adding new characters that offer unique play styles with different abilities. As of now, there are currently 30 heroes which fall under 3 main categories: damage, tank, and support.

Each hero retains different types of ranged, melee, and movement abilities which differentiate each role from the other. It is important to note that each character also has a distinctive and special ultimate ability which can be game changing if used correctly and strategically with the help of a player’s teammates. Players of a team can choose characters that have compatible ultimates that can yield to destructive combos meant to wipe the enemy team. A team can choose one of the same character at a time. This means that a team can not have 2 of the same heroes; however; the wide variety of heroes make it possible to combine abilities and ultimates with other players of the same team. After all, it is a team based game that requires effort in coordination and communication among each other during intense battles.

The game provides 3 distinct game modes which rotate around capturing a point, moving a payload across the map, or a combination of both. Each map is designed in reference to a particular objective type. For example, the map hanamura shown below is a point-capture type game mode which is carefully designed with many ways of infiltration that are meant to provide endless strategies to break in and seize the control point.

Overwatch provides the users with unique ways to interact with the game. The game modes quickplay, arcade, competitive, and custom games are 4 diverse categories a player can queue into. Quickplay and competitive carry the game’s core game modes and types. Arcade contains fun modes and events that are done by the developers of the game. Custom games allow the players to engage with the game and edit some hero abilities, game modes, etc… Players can group with up to 5 other friends and enter a game in order to enjoy what the game has to present.

Quickplay is the place where players can test out how heroes perform and study their abilities in battle. This helps them to train and give them a better overview of the maps and game modes which prepares them for competitive. From its name, competitive is where all the seriousness begins. Each player has their seat upright, microphone on, and their hands become sweaty as they firmly grip their mouse or controller. Even though quickplay contains the same rules, game modes, and maps; competitive is differentiated by its exclusive ranking system. This system indicates the skill level based on the player’s SR. The amount of SR defines which rank a player belongs to. The image below illustrates the SR ranks in increasing order.

All in all, the game fully expresses it’s true potential when a group of 6 friends decide to queue up together and invest their time trying to come up with new strategies and combos to achieve victory. So make sure to grab a couple of colleagues and enjoy the splendid battles that are yet to come.

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