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Just Dance 2019 Review

It’s been almost nine years since Ubisoft first introduced “Just Dance” and gave the world a new way of combining their love for dancing and video games. Now, the series has released it’s tenth main installment “Just Dance 2019″and the game still does what it has been praised for doing best.

Like in the last few releases, players are not required to have a camera set up and can instead opt for using their smart phones. This is a great way to play since most people nowadays have access to phones and the need to buy expensive accessories is gone. There are around 40 songs included in the standard edition which should keep you busy and moving for a long time. If you find yourself to be a dancing enthusiast, you can subscribe to Just Dance Unlimited for $25 a year, which grants access to hundreds of songs from a wide array of genres. It should be noted that a 1 month trial is included in the game which can help players see if they would be interested in the service later on.


The gameplay is fun yet simple. While it may just be mimicking the on-screen dance moves and trying to get a high score, the game can be really enjoyable especially if played with friends. What also makes it different than most video games is that it can serve as an excellent way to exercise and lose weight in an enjoyable way. There even is a sweat mode for those interested in tracking how many calories they burn while dancing. The game also features a dedicated “Kids Mode” which features 8 choreographies that were designed by professionals to encourage healthy movement for the little ones. I am no kid by any means but it still seems like a positive addition to the game.

Like almost all  games nowadays, Just Dance 2019 comes with an online mode, The “World Dance Floor” allows players from around the globe to dance and try to beat each others scores. Although there was fun to be had in this mode, playing alongside a group of friends is by far the best way to experience the game and grants the most entertainment.


In conclusion, Just Dance 2019 is a great entry to the franchise that does well to improve on previous titles. The gameplay is simple, enjoyable, and caters to players of all ages and sizes. While it isn’t necessary, subscribing to Just Dance Unlimited provides over 400 songs at a reasonable price and is a good investment for those who wanting more content. Nonetheless, the base game does provide enough songs and things to do without needing to pay extra. If you do have a passion for dancing, odds are you would probably want to try the game out and put your dancing skills to the test.

GameRev was provided with a digital download code for the purpose of this review.

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