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Apex Legends Now Available on Nintendo Switch

apex legends switch release time

Respawn Entertainment is releasing Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch today, bringing the revolutionary character-based battle royale experience to even more gamers and those looking to compete away from the big screen. Players on the Nintendo Switch will be able to play with all other platforms thanks to cross play. Switch players will be granted 30 free levels for their Season 8 Battle Pass and will be earning double XP for the first two weeks after launch.

The game aims to run at 30fps with a 720p resolution when docked or 576p resolution in handheld mode. The game will receive dedicated live service support and will receive simultaneous content updates, limited-time modes and in-game events aligned across all platforms. The Caustic Town Takeover, Chaos Theory event and Season 8.1 update will also go live on all platforms as well. While the game is free to play, it will still require an Nintendo online subscription from players.

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