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Call of Duty 2021 Reportedly Being Developed by Sledgehammer Games

With a new Call of Duty game releasing every year, fans have begun speculating which developer will be taking over for 2021’s release that is yet to be announced. While Activision would usually alternate between with Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer, things are looking a little different this time around. This mainly due to Black Ops Cold War being initially developed by Sledgehammer before Treyarch took over. Now that the three-year cycle is no longer in effect, this begs the question of which of the three studious will be developing Call of Duty 2021.

According to trusted Call of Duty leaker ModernWarzone, Sledgehammer Games will be fully responsible for developing the next Call of Duty title. While there is no proof to back up this claim, ModernWarzone is confident that this information is reliable and “doesn’t need to be taken with a grain of salt”.

Call of Duty YouTuber Tom Henderson aka Long Sensation also believes that the next game will be developed by none other than Sledgehammer Games. Henderson released a YouTube video explaining what lead him to make this educated guess based on a timeline detailing when each of the three developers were working on their games. He also went on to say that he expects the next game to occur in the present or near future which will enable the game to be integrated into the highly popular Warzone.

While these rumors are convincing, Activision is yet to reveal anything about the next Call of Duty title and this will remain a wait and see situation until we receive official news later this year.

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