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Surgeon Simulator 2 Review

Surgeon Simulator 2 takes the comical nature and highly exaggerated gameplay of the first game and aims to reinvent it by transforming the experience to a multiplayer focused one. The cooperative experience is embraced in the campaign which can be played with up to three other players who can help (or harm) the patient Bob while he undergoes multiple procedures such as heart transplants and limb replacements. While you can play through the story alone, it is definitely not recommended to do so and you’d still be better off even with random players, no matter how terrible surgeons they may be. The levels feature explorable areas filled with creative puzzles and hidden equipment that will help you move on to the next procedure. Since some of the operating tools are not given to you from the get-go, the game pushes you to observe your surroundings and discover alternate paths to reach new rooms in the hospital. The ability to navigate freely is certainly a plus and helps introduce creativity and critical thinking into the gameplay.

Surgeon Simulator 2 cutting into 2020 | Rock Paper Shotgun

The mechanics and controls feel clumsy and inconsistent, however this seems to be done deliberately. The frustration of trying to use my shaky hands to save Bob was immense, especially when my fellow surgeons were also not fit for the job. More often than not, I would find myself struggling to replace a certain body part and accidentally breaking some of Bob’s bones in the process.

Surgeon Simulator 2’s creative mode is one of the most interesting additions to the game, allowing players to create and play through custom levels made by the community. These user-created level benefit from the player base’s imagination and creativity to increase the game’s replay value and keep players coming back for more. The level editor allows you and your friends to create your own levels at the same time. Another notable feature is the ability to fully customize your own surgeon by changing their outfits and look. These cosmetic items can be earned by leveling up and earning higher rankings in the story levels.

Surgeon Simulator 2 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - Niche Gamer

Surgeon Simulator 2 does indeed have a story which is uncommon for these types of games, and a decent one at that. However, most players going into the game are probably more interested in the chaotic and often hilarious multiplayer experience rather than the narrative. While the game is a blast to play with friends to mess around with and ensue chaos, it doesn’t feel suitable for players who are looking for a serious game with a steep learning curve and complex mechanics. The good part is that the game markets itself as a party game with silly physics which is part of the appeal. Overall, there aren’t many games like Surgeon Simulator 2 and even fewer that could pull off such a frustrating yet surprisingly enjoyable gameplay loop.

GameRev was provided with a digital download code for the purpose of this review.

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