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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Review

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is Ubisoft’s latest iteration of the military tactical shooter series known as Ghost Recon. The game is the eleventh installment in the Ghost Recon franchise and serves as a narrative sequel to Wildlands which released in 2017. The game is set in Auroa, a fictional island in the Pacific Ocean where you take on the role of a Special Ops soldier known as Nomad.

The size of the map is massive and the open-world features many different biomes such as jungles, marshes, snowy mountains… The island of Auroa is divided into 21 different provinces and there is a wide variety of vehicles to help ease traversal across the vast landscape. However, the open world feels very empty and the game missed a golden opportunity to have the world packed with more enemies to really make you feel like you are being hunted. The game, even on higher difficulties, is too easy and the AI never feels like a true threat. For example, you can just headshot enemies one at a time from afar without having any substantial risk of dying. This was not the case with other Ubisoft titles such as the Division 2 where enemies would flank you and use cover wisely.

The story mostly focuses on a company named Skell Tech that is trying to turn the island into a utopia driven by technology and inventions. The antagonist Cole Walker played by Jon Bernthal seemed very interesting. As you get closer to finding Walker, you also learn more about Auroa and how things got out of control. There are many cutscenes that don’t necessarily add much to the story but flashback sequences of Walker stood out from the crowd. You also have the option to squad up and play through the missions with a team of friends or strangers which is always a welcome feature.

Probably the most disappointing aspect of the game though, would have to be the amount of bugs and technical issues encountered. These range from missing textures, problems with buffering… Another complaint would have to be the immersion breaking social hub which is filled with other players and acts as a base of operations. Thankfully, other modes such as Raids or Ghost War PvP are entertaining especially since gear is normalized to have an even playing field.

The tactical stealth elements of Breakpoint are its highpoints thanks to the game mechanics and large arsenal at your disposal. However, that is undercut by the negative aspects of the game such as the overly large map and tedious gameplay loop that becomes draining after many hours. The bugs will most likely be fixed soon but still shouldn’t be this abundant at release in a game of this caliber. Also, the idea to include elements from many different games in Ubisoft’s large library of games is great in theory but doesn’t give Ghost Recon Breakpoint it’s own identity. These genre of games requires a lot of time in development and Breakpoint probably would have benefited from an extra year or so. Nonetheless, it is not uncommon for these types of games to improve dramatically through updates and patches like in the case of Rainbow Six Siege.

GameRev was provided with a digital download code for the purpose of this review.

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