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Splitgate: Arena Warfare Review

Splitgate: Arena Warfare tackles a new aspect of first person shooters. This game mixes the mechanics of halo and portal which make it a tactical and enjoyable experience. This gives rise to different aspects a player can engage in battle. The player can either directly take on his or her opponent face to face, or use the portal mechanism to their advantage. By simply opening a portal behind the enemy, the player can catch their victim by surprise and guarantee a higher chance of winning the fight.

Portals can only be deployed on the blue/white textured material shown in the above picture

The portals work in a simple way. Each player has two portals that are interconnected which allows them to see through, shoot through, or go through as shown in the figure below. This means, they can be used to get to different spots, engage in battle, or even flee from a battle to take cover and reassess the situation. A player can go through or shoot through friendly or enemy portals; however, as the above figure portrays, they are unable to see through them which leaves them at a disadvantage since they do not know where the portal leads or if an enemy awaits them.

Self made portals are transparent

Splitgate: Arena Warfare revives the old school arena FPS feel since it does not include premade classes for weapons or perks. Every player starts off with the same weapon, and they can find different weapons on the arena such as sniper rifles, assault rifles, plasma rifles, smg rifles, shotgun rifles, etc… These weapons spawn in specific places that differ in each map or arena which gives each player the chance to obtain different weapons that can be used in combat. There are currently several game modes which can be played in either quick play or ranked; however, it is very hard and rare to find ranked matches since not a lot of people know about or play the game. These game modes are fun, but it is nice to see them continuously supporting the game with content ranging from different arenas to different weapons and different game modes. This game has a lot of potential and I believe it is very underrated. Therefore, I am trying to shed light and give the game the exposure I think it deserves.

It is very fun to hop on for a couple of games with your friends or even alone, and explore different strategies by using the portals in order to outplay the other players. There is no limit to how creative players can get by using the portal mechanics this game presents. This is what differentiates it from all the other FPS games out there and gives the uniqueness it possess.

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