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Attack on Titan 2 – A.O.T.2 Review

Titans? Creatures that feed on humans? What are they and where did they come from? Attack on Titan investigates these questions in order to solve and unravel the truth about these supernatural creatures. This is done by playing as one of the scout regiment members whom are responsible for fighting titans and exploring the outside during expeditions beyond the walls that enclose and protect what is left of humanity. However, the story intensifies as a cause of events that take place within the walls. This lets the story evolve into a more mysterious one which makes the player more curious to see how it develops. The game is based on the anime “Shingeki no Kyojin” or “Attack on Titan”, it covers the story of the first season and about 20% of the second season. This means that you will face similar escort missions and other tasks that you have experienced in the first attack on titan game if you have played it.

With a much more refined mechanism of movement and combat, the game delivers a smooth and satisfying experience in slicing the napes of the titans. There are different ways to engage against a titan. You can start by using the sneak attack mechanism if you stumble upon a titan that is not aware of you; however, if you get spotted, you will be forced to either immobilize it by cutting its arms or legs, then you can go for the nape to secure the kill. Ofcourse, you can always go for the nape to directly to save time and enjoy watching the titan drop to its death.

Attack on titan 2 also adds the element of strategy to its game. The scouts use a special type of equipment called the ODM gear which runs on gas. The ODM gear is used by the scouts that helps them maneuver through the cities and helps them by grappling onto titans during combat. Since the gear runs on gas, it has a certain limit until it is depleted; thus, players are forced to go to nearby building stations where they can build resupply stations which are used to refill gas tanks and blades because blades also become less sharp when used. Not only can players build resupply stations, but they can also setup military bases that can help during titan invasions. If used correctly, it will yield effective results during battle because the towers can act as distractions for titans.

As you progress through the story, you get to build relations with the main characters which can provide you with unique skills as you level up. The game also offers a shop where a player can upgrade his or her gear. Materials can be gathered during missions while fighting titans. These materials can be used to craft new blades and mobility gear. This is crucial since it enhances the player’s ability to move around the war zone and easily execute titans; thus, increasing the chances of prevailing triumphant.

As previously mentioned, the story is narrated from the perspective of a trainee who befriends the main characters of the anime, however; in my opinion, the person you play as lacks character. Since the character is a bystander who does not affect the story, I feel like it would be a much better experience if you witness the story through the main character himself rather than witnessing the story from another person’s perspective.

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