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God of War Review

God of War is Santa Monica Studio’s latest take on the critically acclaimed series which hasn’t had a sequel since 2010’s God of War III. Unlike previous games, which were based on Greek mythology, this installment focuses mostly on Norse mythology, with the majority of it set in in the realm of Midgard.

God of War is back and it is everything expected and more. In this entry the story is handled with the use of emotion and conflict, prioritizing the use of expression and body language, over the use of conversation. The gameplay is the biggest change since the last games, donning a single shot camera, from a view in which we observe everything from an ‘over the shoulder’ view. It’s transitions very seamlessly between gameplay and cinematic cut-scenes makes the entire experience extremely immersive. When playing on the PlayStation 4 Pro, it is not difficult to see that God of War is easily the one of the best-looking games on the console to date, and the level of details in it are unimaginable. The gore has been toned down from the last games, but it does still exist in the heart of God of War.

The combat is fluid and fun, although if you allow yourself to become surrounded, the tides of battle might turn very quickly even on normal difficulty. Enemies will flank, team up, charge at you, launch projectiles, and pretty much do anything to bring you down. However, the game is never unfair and there are plenty of abilities and combinations which help Kratos feel like a real God of War. Kratos’ main weapon, the Leviathan Axe, acts like Thor’s hammer, in that you can throw it at enemies and recall it effortlessly. The axe is simply one of the best melee weapons ever made and remains satisfying even after using it throughout the entirety of the game. When talking about the story, there isn’t much to be said without spoiling the plot, but it is safe to say that narrative is very interesting and the reactions of Atreus to the cruel reality of the world are so well done.

Overall, God of War manages to get everything right and provides a phenomenal experience from start to finish.I wasn’t entirely a big fan of the original series but I really love this new concept and the direction game is headed in. The heavily influenced story telling combined with the gameplay and the combat that is expected from the series is nothing short of amazing. This is a fantastic new entry and truly is one of the better games of this generation. Even with the many great games released in 2018, God of War still manages to stand out and show us exactly why it has received so many awards and nominations for game of the year. God of War will certainly be on many gamers’ list of top games of all time and rightfully so, because it is an absolute masterpiece.

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