Biomutant – Review

Biomutant is the first game from Experiment 101, a Swedish studio founded by alumni from Avalanche, the studio behind the Just Cause series. Taking place in a valley around the dying Tree of Life, players explore and fight as an unnamed furry bipedal creature, the prodigal child of a wung-fu master who developed the fighting styles that led to the fracturing of the valley’s people. The Tree of Life is being destroyed by the four Worldeaters, huge beasts that have each taken up on one of the tree’s roots. With a world inspired by several Asian styles of dress and architecture, and blended with post-climate collapse environment design, Biomutant is an overly ambitious and imperfect exploration of how life will persist, even after humans have ruined the Earth.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Review

Emerging from a bug that cropped up during the development of Odyssey, Immortals Fenyx Rising is another game set in Ancient Greece - this time deeply tied to the myths of ancient Greek culture. Playing as the shield-bearer Fenyx, you’ll explore the open-world of the Golden Isle - solving puzzles, delving into the Underworld, and fighting great mythical monsters.

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